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rock n roll dance class West Croydon/Kilkenny RSL
A free first lesson for newcomers applies on Tuesday 4th December 2009. This is the first in a series of promotions designed to help us fill this wonderful venue with a large crowd of learners each week.

Basic rock n roll and jive dancing is one of the most versatile of all social dances. It’s useful with a wide range of music and can be practiced at a large variety of venues. It’s therefore fitting that those of us who know it well teach it to a lot of others from all ages.

The $5 regular charge is very modest, but a freebie is a show of good will. if yo haven’t been to our class yet, come and join a great group of people having lots of fun!

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Learn social rock n roll dancing with Gareth in Adelaide, South Australia. Wednesday nights at the West Lakes Tennis Club, 21 Edwin Street, West Lakes. 7.30 PM. $5 per person.

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